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Work by design

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The YWCA brand color palette describes itself as “bright, crisp, and optimistic.” The same could be said of YWCA Dayton’s newest team members: two graphic design externs from The Modern College of Design.

Joining Team YWCA for four weeks this spring, students Avey Baily and Spencer Jones were able to expand their creative portfolio while elevating the YW’s mission message, from brochure templates to website graphics and an annual report layout.

“I’ve learned here that I’m pretty capable of doing a lot of things at once, and making good work,” Jones said.

Founded in 1983 and based in Kettering, Ohio, The Modern’s mission is to educate, develop, and prepare students for successful careers as leaders in design. LIFTOFF, The Modern’s annual externship program, is an essential part of students’ education, says Brian Petro, the school’s director of career services.

“The program takes place just prior to graduation. It’s a mandatory part of our curriculum, and students receive course credit. By the time students begin their externships, they have completed more than 1,600 semester clock hours of education and have a professional portfolio,” Petro explained.

In addition to more than 260 hours of design help, the program helped YW see itself through fresh eyes.

“I honestly did not know about YWCA before my externship, and what surprised me the most is how much you all really provide for women in need,” Bailey said. “I thought it was just a shelter – but you all go above and beyond with programs and ways to help women move through and be their own person.”

Bailey and Jones are both set to graduate June 1. Bailey specializes in print ad and rebrand for restaurants and other companies – “One of my favorite projects was an album cover,” she said – while Jones likes to do illustrations and photography. “My favorite projects are when I can combine these two things,” he said. (See more of his work HERE.)

“People don’t realize that the majority of what they see, most likely, a graphic designer made,” Bailey said.

Now, thanks to their work, you’ll be seeing even more of YWCA Dayton.