AMEND Together is a primary prevention initiative developed by YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging men and boys to change the culture that supports violence.

YWCA Dayton is excited to be bringing AMEND Together to the Miami Valley community as part of our primary prevention offerings in our work to prevent and respond to domestic violence and sexual assault.  AMEND Together seeks to challenge the culture that supports violence, cultivate healthy masculinity in men and boys, and change the future for women and girls. AMEND Together partners with local schools to provide AMEND clubs across the Dayton area, providing a safe space to talk about healthy masculinity and gender-based violence.

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AMEND Together of YWCA Dayton | Program Overview

Join us for our first-ever AMEND Together Summer Collabs!
June 27-July 1, 2022

All Collabs are held at YWCA Dayton’s Huber Heights Campus, 7650 Timbercrest Dr., Huber Heights, OH 45424. Collabs are for boys ages 10-16 and are scheduled 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Lunch is provided, and financial aid is available. Questions? Contact us at or 937-461-5550 x192. Participants can register for one or more sessions individually ($35 each), or for the full week ($150). $25 application fee required to process registration if not paying in full.


2022 Schedule

June 27

Participants will engage in conversations that center around the concept of manhood. Topics such as healthy vs. toxic masculinity, stepping out of the “man box,” and being a man in today’s society will be discussed.

June 28

Participants will explore themes within hip hop that promote positivity and also themes that need to be critiqued. The influence of mainstream media (music, television, film, and social media) on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors will be explored.

June 29

There’s a variety of avenues that young people can take to not only make money, but to also find purpose and create the life they want. This session will cover how to get started in the workforce, how to maintain employability, and even how to venture down the entrepreneurial path.

June 30

Participants will have the opportunity to play a variety of fun-filled games and also spend time on a gaming truck. Conversations will be had about the use of video games amongst youth and themes depicted within them to promote healthy game use.

July 1

This session will be a day to promote physical fitness and fun. Participants will engage in activities that require movement and teamwork.

Need help? It starts with a call.

If you are in immediate need of assistance, call 911.

24/7 Crisis & Domestic Violence Hotline: 937-222-SAFE (7233)