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Women of Influence honorees are some of the strongest women we know – so it’s fitting that the Class of 2020 is receiving an award crafted from one of the heartiest materials around.

Created by Miami Valley artists Kathy Woodruff and Lori Galovics, the custom piece – entitled New Dawn – features a solid aluminum base, inspired by the Women of Influence spark logo, that cradles a colorful glass circle.

“In creating the base, I envisioned a strong foundation to uphold the piece, just as all of the Women of Influence honorees are strong foundations for their communities and families,” said Galovics, a metalworker and owner of G&M Precision Machining in Tipp City, Ohio. “It’s an honor to support YWCA in recognizing these outstanding women. I wanted this award to be something someone was proud to put on their mantel or in their office, and have it serve as a conversation piece.”

Woodruff, owner of Busy Beaver Arts and Crafts in Beavercreek, Ohio, designed the fused glass component. The technique involves breaking solid sheets of glass into strips and then melding them back together, a nod to this year’s Women of Influence theme of “Unbreakable.”

“This piece, to me, is ultimately a celebration,” Woodruff said. “How do we celebrate what the awards are for, and bring women forward? I hope that when people see the final product, they see the effort.”

Part of that effort included moving through a few unexpected challenges.

“I have to say, orange is not in my wheelhouse at all, so I had to start by working around that. The first 30 days was wrapping my head around using orange,” Woodruff said with a laugh. “I use blue the most; watercolors are my typical colors.”

Galovics added, “As a machine shop owner, I take pride in taking on special projects to explore my creative and artistic side, and this project definitely allowed for that. Besides, I have all the cool tools to play with!”

2020 marks the fifth year a local artist has been commissioned to create the Women of Influence award.

“Despite many advances for women, there is still a long way to go to gain full equality,” Galovics said. “Recognizing the achievements of these amazing warrior women in their respective fields inspires and paves the way for the next generation of women to go even farther.”


Learn more about their art: Contact Kathy at busybeaverarts.com or Lori at wemachineit.com.