Statement on City of Dayton traffic stop incident

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Statement on City of Dayton traffic stop incident

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On Sept. 30, 2021, City of Dayton police initiated a traffic stop on Clifford Owensby, a Black man with paraplegia. Owensby was forcibly removed from his vehicle, by his hair, and arrested. Owensby has filed a complaint with the Dayton Unit of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

YWCA Dayton stands firmly and immovably grounded that our shared mission provides safety for our community. Continued acts of violence against people of color, especially Black people, at the hands and power of the police are threats to both our community fiber, and our collective right to be and feel secure. The seriousness of a recent City of Dayton incident involving a person with disabilities being forcibly removed from his vehicle cannot be overlooked or overstated. A child was present.

The Fraternal Order of Police made their statement, and we make ours: it IS possible to address crime while also ensuring human dignity.

Our community deserves law enforcement who want better; who want to do better; who want a more just community; who want community members who want better; who want a community that wants – demands peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for ALL. We want law enforcement that want better.

We call on city officials to ensure a thorough review. We call on a review that is transparent. We call on our law enforcement to want better.

Too often, systemic racism takes the justice out of criminal justice. Besides being two times more likely to be stopped by police, detained pretrial, charged with more serious crimes, and sentenced more harshly than white people, Black males are also three times as likely to be killed by police. (Source: Vera Institute of Justice). Join us On A Mission. Take the United We Stand – Together We Act pledge now to advance racial justice in your own spheres of influence: