Becky Sorrell

Director, Preble County Job and Family Services

A 30-year veteran of Preble County Job and Family Services, Becky Sorrell took on the role of director in 2009. She has worked in almost every department in the organization to help Preble County’s most vulnerable citizens become self-sufficient and successful. From coordinating volunteer projects such as weekly emergency shelter meals made by staff and delivered to the local homeless shelter, to ensuring that customers receive quality service in all departments of Job and Family Services, Sorrell has been a true client advocate.

“Becky is a woman who wants to influence you to become the best person you can be,” said her nominator. “Becky always finds a way to make you feel included and that your opinion matters. She listens. She hears what you are saying. She makes you feel valuable.”

A member of multiple community boards and committees – including Adult Protective Services, Continuum of Care, Family and Children First Council, Preble County Council on Aging, and more – she was also previously active with Girl Scouts and continues to serve as a Boy Scout volunteer, where she takes seriously the opportunity to set a positive example for young men, and is a charter member of the Next Step Living board, working to bring a recovery farm to Preble County.  In addition, she volunteers as a Stephen Minister with her church and is the chairperson of the Mission and Outreach Committee.

“To say she is generous is an understatement. She has given people money out of her own pocket for food or necessities, transported people in her own car, on her own time, and has taken a mission trip to Russia to help people in need. She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met,” said her nominator.

A longtime supporter and professional partner of YWCA Dayton’s work in Preble County, Sorrell has served on the YW Preble County Advisory Board and the Purple Paws: Preble Pets Against Domestic Violence committee. A fellow advisory board member described Sorrell in this way:

“When I first met Becky, she very plainly said that she could not be friends with anyone who did not support our people: the people we serve across the county and beyond. She meant the old, the young, the homeless, the disabled, the poor, the abused, the neglected, the broken, and everyone in between. Her passion isn’t just for the people she serves, it is for all people.”