Get involved with our 2023 Summit Pitch Projects

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Get involved with our 2023 Summit Pitch Projects

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 YWCA Dayton held our first Racial Justice & Social Equity Summit, giving a platform to four community members to pitch their idea for a volunteer-powered project.

Attendees voted on their top project and the winner, Nourishing our Neighbors, presented by Miami Valley Abolitionists, received $1,500 in seed money. The project was chosen for the group’s pitch to provide free distributions and support for unhoused people in our community.

Beyond this Summit, YWCA Dayton seeks to keep the momentum going on all of these volunteer-powered projects, which each have a vision to address a social justice need in our community.

  • Nourishing Our Neighbors: This is a grassroots effort to support the unhoused, led by Miami Valley Abolitionists. This includes distribution of hot meals, water, hygiene items, and other free distributions, along with offering support and community to those served. The team aims to get to know each person served. What started with just a wagon has now grown into a larger distribution effort, and the $1,500 in seed money will help keep momentum going. To get in contact and to involved, you can find Miami Valley Abolitionists at 937abolition on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and at
  •  As I Am, I Become. Period: This project, pitched by Mia Dunford, ask “How can we help the next generation to be more prepared and confident as they grow and become?”, specifically by helping girls feel prepared for their first period. The project mission is to promote menstrual hygiene management and dignity, providing materials and resources to disadvantage adolescent girls. She hopes to create period kits with pads and other items to distribute and serve girls in foster care, living with relatives, or other non-traditional home settings. You can contact her to get involved at
  •  Free Plan B Tree: Kelsey Chance, pharmacy technician, took an old sunglasses display tree and turned it into a free tree of the generic version of Plan B as a way to respond to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She wants to grow this effort to make emergency contraception free and accessible with more trees in public places. To get involved with donations or volunteering, you can find The Free Plan B Tree on Facebook or at
  • Women Empowering Women:  Jehanne Dufresne, said her journey from Haiti to finding a life in Dayton prompted her in her journey to form Women Empowering Women, which she envisions as a gathering women of all ethnicities 21 and older with different aspirations, and same goal for self-improvement. She wants to offer workshops to equip and to inspire into actions. She is seeking partners to to help launch a 2023 conference for women and can be reached at or found on Facebook.