Dayton Regional STEM School raises awareness with PSAs

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Dayton Regional STEM School raises awareness with PSAs

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This Instagram post was designed by students Madison Bradford, Peyton Cassidy, and Harshita Chndra Appam. 

Not all relationships are healthy. But everyone deserves one that is.

Students at Dayton Regional STEM School worked to build awareness among their peers about healthy relationships with a social media project, creating Instagram posts and stories with this important message. The students were taught by Melissa Curran, Dayton Regional STEM School 7/8 Wellness & Fitness teacher.

YWCA Dayton will be sharing these posts on our social media channels to join with the students’ awareness efforts. Topher Peck, preventionist with YWCA Dayton’s Rape Crisis Center, said he admires the school’s commitment to their students’ wellbeing, and appreciates the students and staff welcoming him into their space to lead this conversation.

“Relationships are complicated, especially when we’re teens. Not only do we have to navigate the changes in our bodies, minds, and the world around us, but we also have to consider how these changes impact our platonic, romantic, or intimate connections with each other,” Peck said. “That’s why it’s so important that we allow for young people to engage in conversations about consent, boundaries, and how to communicate these things, as it ensures that they can explore these changes in a safe and healthy way.”

YWCA Dayton works to partner with members in our community on education and prevention programming. If you would like our Rape Crisis Center staff to speak to your business, school or club, please email

If you are not sure if your relationship is healthy, you can take a quiz at to gain more insight. YWCA Dayton’s hotline is also here 24/7 at 937-222-SAFE or you can chat online with crisis staff 24/7 at

This Instagram post was designed by Penny Hayford, Ryleigh Sadler, Madeline Willinger, and Maya Holbrook?.