Community gives generous donations to YW Holiday Party

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Community gives generous donations to YW Holiday Party

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2023 YWCA Dayton Holiday Party

The total is in: Supporters of YWCA Dayton donated more than $10,500 worth of gifts for the domestic violence shelter’s Holiday Party.

This unusually generous support from the Dayton community came from donors who wished to remain anonymous and just wanted to help families in shelter.

YWCA Dayton operates the only domestic violence shelter in Montgomery County, and the holidays can often bring additional stress for clients. This includes more than 30 children on average living in shelter, ranging from infants to seniors in high school.

The Children’s Programs team works hard to provide support and normalcy for these families, including organizing parties like the one this December.

At the party this year, each child received an iPad, tablet , or Leapfrog. Moms at work and school received laptops. Additionally, each family received a $250 gift card.

Prior to Christmas each mom was able to fill out a Christmas list for herself and children, and the women either received a gift card for themselves specifically, an electronic item, or other gift.

“The energy in the room was utterly amazing,” said Asiaonna Eley, Children’s Programs manager.  “There was laughter, there were tears of joy, there was dancing, and there was just partying and having a good time as a community. At Children’s Programs, we want to help families experience joy at the party and to be able to enjoy where they are for that moment in time.”

Christmas and other winter holidays are traditionally times for family, and Eley said this party was a chance for the women and children sharing common areas together in shelter to come together in a similar way.

“It gave us an opportunity to feel like a family,” Eley said.


2023 YWCA Dayton Holiday Party