Celebrating 20 years of dedication

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Celebrating 20 years of dedication

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Lynette Knight poses with a new hat given to her by the crisis staff at YWCA Dayton.
Lynette Kight, center, poses with a new hat given to her by the shelter and hotline staff at YWCA Dayton.

YWCA Dayton is celebrating Lynette Kight, who has marked 20 years of service with the nonprofit.

Kight, a client support coordinator, can be found working at the front desk of YWCA Dayton’s Central Building.

She never knows what the day will bring, from walk-in clients, to donations drop offs, to resident requests, and more.  It often can be a challenging job on the front lines of YW’s services, where she might find herself resolving a dispute, protecting a client’s confidential location, or being the first point of contact for someone seeking help with an emergency.

“As a whole, I like people and that makes the job less challenging,” Kight said.

She first came to YWCA after hearing about an opening from a coworker while working at Beerman’s, and she originally started her career with YW as a cook.

Kight is known for her hat collection and to help celebrate her work anniversary, the shelter and hotline staff chipped in on a new hat to mark the occasion. Additionally, employees gathered for a party and shared stories about Knight’s ability to make an impression with just a few words.

Donna Long, Vice President of People & Culture, recalled when they first met while she was volunteering, before she worked for YWCA Dayton. Long said Kight’s first impression at the front desk stuck with her.

“I remembered her because she was so helpful and she had the same helpfulness when I started as an employee,” Long said.