2020 Community Appeal: Challenges, but also progress

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2020 Community Appeal: Challenges, but also progress

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We were supposed to be celebrating 150 years of service to the Miami Valley this year.
We know you were expecting to do a lot in 2020, too.

There’s no denying it: this year has been hard.

For victims of domestic violence, isolated in an unsafe home with their abuser.
For our frontline staff, who come in – every day, around the clock – to ensure those fleeing violence still have safe shelter to run to.
For our program staff, who aren’t able to share a celebratory hug with the client who just secured employment or give a high-five to the student who just graduated from middle school.
Funding cuts and fundraiser cancellations – hard.
An explosion of job loss and evictions – hard.
Daily reminders that our nation isn’t equal for all – hard.

But hard times call for even harder work.
And we can choose our hard – so we fight, hard.

For racial justice, until racism is eliminated.
For equal rights, until women are fully empowered.
For what our clients need.
For equity in virtual learning.
For new funding sources that counter budget cuts.
For ways to innovate and deliver events and trainings online.
To ensure our services are always available, and even more so, safely.
To get out the vote.
To secure jobs, housing, child care, education, and mentors for our women, girls, and families.
To solve for root causes while providing immediate crisis care.
To expand services and ensure safe shelter for all those who need it.

Even when it’s hard, YWCA Dayton will always step up and do what’s needed, no matter how hard it is. We’re not new to this; we’re true to this, and we will never stop, never close, never pause. Because when the world is difficult for women, it’s hard for us to close our eyes.

And we know that the only way we get through this, is to do it, together. Please join us in linking arms, and hands, and minds, and spirits, in letting women and families going through hard times know that no matter what season we’re in, they matter, and help is here. You can give online now at www.ywcadayton.org/donate.

From all of us at YW, thank you for your financial support and generosity, especially during this critical time. May your holiday season be one of good health and, still, abundant blessings.

To make a gift now, click HERE.